Awake, Awake, the time is at hand!

Awake, awake, for the time is at hand. Let those who seek to save their souls surrender the reins of life’s control to truth, for only truth can set you free. But if darkness (spiritual ignorance) hide the way to truth, how then can the masses now trapped in mental bondage see the path that leads to deliverance?


Let this be known. Wide is the path that leads to destruction, and many there be on it. But, narrow is the way that leads unto life, and few there be who find it. The journey of life is not just from birth, to the end of existence, called death. But from birth, to a spiritual awakening that leads to a reunion with the Heavenly Father, called redemption, and with it the gift of everlasting life. For your Heavenly Father desires that none should perish, but that all should enter into life.

But darkness is the way of many, and darkness is the teaching of many who call themselves pastors and religious leaders. But they are nothing more than wolves in sheep clothing…


Blind leaders of the blind, and all shall fall into the pit.


For this cause has the False Doctrine Assassin been born. To slay with the sword of the Spirit, the spiritual lies taught by these false prophets, that keep many sitting in darkness bound to their mental chains.


Awake, awake, I say, for the time is at hand, and he who will seek to save his life, shall lose it. But, he/she that shall lose his life for the Master’s sake and the gospel shall save it. Herein is wisdom as spoken by the Savior. The knowledge of him, or just the belief unto his existence, does not save. Did he not say, “If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, then you are my disciple indeed.” And again, “How can you say you love me, and do not the things that I say.”

These false prophets of today go unchallenged, because they all hide under the cloak called Christianity. Teaching for truth the lies of men, breeding chaos and confusion. Think, is your Heavenly Father the author of confusion? If you answer No, then how can he be the author of the confusion within Christianity?

You have over 250 denominations proclaiming, “Lo, Jesus is here, or Jesus is there, meaning, Jesus is in this teaching, and Jesus is in that teaching. Yet, even the Master spoke of this time when he said, “In the last days many false prophets shall arise saying I am Christ, and deceive many.”


Think, in what religion do men preach Christ, and in that same religion deception abounds. So, I ask you. Do you know truth, or do you know lies? Or, do you know?


I AM, the False Doctrine Assassin. Let those who teach deception beware. I come swinging the Sword of Truth, and that with no mercy.


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  2. Thank you, Jeb. Many are they who follow vain pastors seeking truth and live their lives in the wilderness still separated from the Father. For them has this spiritual wisdom been awakened in me to speak, to open their eyes to see.

  3. False Doctrine Assasin
    I’m interested in reading more on your perspective. I’m currently reading through the Bible again, this time for better understanding so that I am Not fooled by the Pastors who often preach their opinion.

  4. A very good read, makes me rethink everything I was taught in Catholic school from K-12.

    • It was written with that purpose in mind. Have you been taught truth, that leads to a spiritual awakening, and a thirst to obtain a relationship with your Heavenly Father, or have you just been taught man’s religion? That teach blind rituals, and dogma, and no spiritual substance that enriches your soul, or awakens your mind.

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