Father, I pray they are one as we are one. Division and Deception in Christianity.

But those who have built a religion on the teachings of the Savior, are not one.


Instead they breed confusion, causing many who are seeking a relationship with the Father, to do so from teachings born from within darkness. “Why do the heathen rage, and the people image a vain thing? The Lord shall have them in derision.”


This prophetic Second Psalm spoke of the confusion that exists within Christianity today; even before the birth of this religion. But the psalmist didn’t classify them as followers of Truth, but heathens. Now, this does not speak to all who call themselves Christians, but to the leadership authorities that institutes religious dogmas and creeds to govern the beliefs of the people.


Yahweh (God) sees them as heathens. Yahushua, the master’s name,  said it this way. “Verily, verily, I say unto you, unless a man is born of water and of spirit he cannot see, nor, can he enter the Kingdom of Heaven.” The Kingdom of Heaven is the realm in which the word of God rules. Heathens, because they are not filled with the Holy Ghost cannot understand the spiritual truths of God’s word. Nor will they demonstrate a consciousness govern by, “it is written.”

The creeds and dogmas created out of an inability to understand God’s word becomes the noose they hang around the necks of those who become the followers of  their spiritual ignorance. “And the people image a vain thing.” Many followers in various denominations, because truth is not taught to them, worship the Heavenly Father with vain practices that lead them not on a high journey to the Father, but down the path of destruction.


Did not Yahushua himself say, “They be blind leaders of the blind, and all shall fall into the pit.” And also, “Wide is the path that leads to destruction and many there be on it. But narrow is the way that leads unto life, and FEW there be who find it. Who is he speaking about? Did he not say, “Unless your faith EXCEEDS the faith of the scribes, and the Pharisees, you will in NO way enter the Kingdom of Heaven. The Scribes and the Pharisees represent division, or denominational-isms,  which breed ego intellectual based beliefs, and not spiritual truths govern by faith.


So the wide path is filled with those called Catholics, Baptists, Lutherans, Methodists, and so on. And the narrow path is occupied by those who by prayer and fasting, and the baptism of the Holy Ghost sanctify their thoughts to become one with Yahweh.


Did not Yahushua say, “But be not ye called Rabbi: for one is your Master, even Christ, and all you are brethren.” It is by the guidance of the Holy Spirit that we receive understanding pertaining to spiritual truths, and not through the intellectual spiritual maze created by man. “Let no man deceive you,” the Master warns, yet deception abounds and many are victim to its deceits.

I am the False doctrine Assassin, the slayer of lies, and I say, “Awake, for the time is at hand.”

Time to consider the path at you feet. Is it ascending to your Heavenly Father, or are you winding downward where only destruction awaits.? “Awake, for the time is at hand.”

Father, I pray, help those who are seeking your face to become one, as you and the Messiah, are ONE,  that we all may be ONE in you.


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  1. I really admire your work and what you are doing to help people know the truth. I’m a truth seeker and have done lots of research and I must comend you because your articles are accurate. But I’ll like to draw attention on one observation I have made concerning the use of Christ, I think both of us will agree that the the term “Christ” is part of constantine’s conspiracy to point to another “messiah”. But I see you write them (christ) in certain context to refer to Yeshua and I think I should draw your attention to that..thank you and Yahweh bless you for the good works you do.

    • Thank you Kwame for your appreciation, and kind words. And, yes, the council of Nicea, under the leadership of Constantine, darkened the passageway to clear understanding of Truth, and the real Messiah. My usage of the term Christ comes from years of reading KJV scriptures in which the term is used. Ingrained from scripture memory, I sometimes speak scripturally, forgetting to use his name. Forgive, as, I too am seeking the wisdom of Yahweh, above the deception of man. I AM..let all understanding be yours.

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