Right-Use-Ness of Spiritual Laws, Walking by Faith not by Sight. Pt. 2


When they wheeled my infant son pass me in the hallway, after surgery, they didn’t take him to a room, they took him to have a CAT scan. I asked the nurse why? She said, “He’s suppose to have a Dandy Walker Cyst, those things don’t go away. I said my son just had open heart surgery and you are subjecting him to this? Doctors orders came her reply.

An hour later they wheeled my son into his PICU room, and I so much wanted this to be done. But throughout the early morning hours when I was in prayer the Holy Spirit had already let me know this was not to be so. His surgeon comes to me later and tells me, “The surgery wasn’t successful. The valve they placed in his heart was already clogged, and Isaiah would have to undergo another immediate surgery later today.

These words, a HEAVY NUMBNESS, do not describe completely the heavy feeling that almost knocked me to the floor, but they must do. I signed some consent paper, then stood over my infant son and prayed, speaking the Blood of (Yahushua)Jesus upon him, the passover lamb, that this situation would pass over and my son would be made healthy and whole. I called my wife and told her not to worry, that Isaiah was doing ok, and for her to rest. Then I sat with my son praying silently until they came to get him for his second surgery.

How in this hospital I was able to find a vacant room to pray, undisturbed, close to my son’s room was my Father’s doing. I had gone to the Hospital Chapel, but the craven images and idols that adorned the walls made focused prayer impossible. A voice came to me saying, “In this room is death, leave.” I left.

Alone in the vacant room I was led to by my Heavenly Father, I fell to the floor once again praying, “Father, you are not a respecter of persons, therefore, the healing that was bestowed upon the certain woman with the issue of blood, that same healing is available for my  son.”The healing that was given to the man with the withered arm, that same healing is available for my son. For you have said in your words, “If you abide in me, and my words abide in you, you can ask what you will and it shall be done as you say. Then according to your word, I claim health and healing for my son’s heart.

Then I wrestled with his call. “Lord, I am just an athlete, who believes and express I can do all things through Yahushua who strengthens me. I offend my Christian brothers who see me perform in the same fashion as their professional idols. When I proclaim and display, “I am strong in (Yahweh), the LORD and in the power of his might. I get told, “You got an ego.”You think you’re this and that.” I’m in this room alone with you because I knew no one with the Faith to battle this fight with me. Had I called anyone from the Church, which I did not, the spirit of crucifixion, in the form of Christian persecuting Christian, with them saying, ” He always talked about faith, let’s see his faith now,” would have surfaced possibly to the detriment of my son. And to this you say…Feed my Sheep?

And the reply that came was…Feed my Sheep.

Four hours later, it was now close to 9pm, they wheel my son back to his room. And like before the Holy Spirit had already informed me of the news Isaiah’s heart surgeon struggled to say. The second surgery didn’t work. A third surgery was scheduled for tomorrow morning. Yes, I was numb, and that heaviness hung all about me. But I knew I had a spiritual battle on my hands, and this was not a time to be weak. I remember the surgeon saying, “We have a very sick baby on our hands.” To which I folded my arms across my chest, and replied consciously, “But Isaiah has a Father strong in the belief of Yahweh, and in the power of his might. And I rebuke your fear and give you strength to repair my son’s heart successfully.

It was now 48 hours after the birth of my son. He had gone from the birth table to the operating table having had two open heart surgeries, and another scheduled for tomorrow. My wife, needing rest, was still under her Doctor’s care for High Blood pressure. The heaviness that was upon me, again words cannot describe. Suffice it to say, I hurt. I called my mother, informing her of the situation, not because she’s strong in the LORD, (YAHWEH), yet she is a believer, but because of, “When two or three gather in my name, there also shall I be and whatsoever they ask in prayer, that shall I do.” I called to have her stand in agreement that my son, her grandson was healthy and whole by the Blood of Yahushua.

After speaking with her I went back to my isolation, my vacant room and resumed prayer. Father, you have said in your word, “That whosoever shall say unto this mountain, be thou removed,  and be thou cast into the sea; and shall not doubt in his heart, but shall believe that those things which he SAITH, shall come to pass; he shall have whatsoever he saith. I speak now against that mountain that challenges my son’s health. That it be gone now and trouble his health no more. For he is not made in the image of sickness and disease, but in the image of the Most High, the Almighty, the one true Elohim. And unto you Father, I surrender to thy will be done. Whatsoever you will have me do, that shall I do. A small still voice said, “Feed my Sheep.”


It is now the third day of my son’s life, and like Jonah, who was in the belly of the whale for three days, I was in the belly of great despair. My son is having his third open heart surgery, yet, my Heavenly Father, is good. For He has given unto me his Son, who has said, “If you abide in me and my words abide in you, you can ask what you will and it shall be done as you say.” These past three days, I have been in prayer abiding in Yahushua and in his word for my son’s health. And like Jonah, who surrendered to God’s will, and would go to Nineveh, I submitted to God’s call that night, saying, “Whatsoever you will have me do, lead and I will follow.” Once again the sensation of weights falling off me was felt, and at that moment I knew my son was healed. I remember saying in my prayer, “I will smile in the face of my healthy, handsome son.

The following morning my son came out from surgery, with life beating through his heart. Praise the Most High, his mercy endureth forever. I remember the words the Doctor spoke to me after the surgery, “His heart is repaired as God intended.” Amen!

It has now been eighteen years since this ordeal and that young man is graduating from high school. Yes, he has had his challenges, he had to endure an additional four open heart surgeries, yet, each an every day, I acknowledge the unfailing power of my Heavenly Father’s word, for I smile in the face of my healthy, handsome son, and False Doctrine Assassin is the means by which I honor his request. I will feed all those who desire to rise above the darkness within man’s religion, and enter the Kingdom of Heaven. For this teaching is none other than the same teachings Yahushua taught the disciples, that he also commanded them to preach, saying, “Go preach saying, “Repent, for the Kingdom of Heaven is at hand.

I AM, the False Doctrine Assassin,


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