Right-Use-Ness of Spiritual Laws. Walking by faith not by sight.


He has a CYST, and it will NOT go away! These words cut into my heart like a butcher chopping beef. They regarded the medical findings by the Pediatric Doctor concerning my unborn son. “We can abort him today.” Again the knife slashes across my heart. My head drops low as an indescribable weight comes crashing down upon me. I take my wife by the hand, “We’re believers,” I say.” “I believe too,  the Doctor says, “but…”

To this day, I believe it was the Most High who shut this man’s mouth from uttering another word. The health of my unborn son would not come by doubt, but by FAITH. It was during the time of my quest for spiritual wisdom, when my wife conceived, and unto us was to come a man-child, my son. But, because of our age, I was forty-five, the medical world deemed it necessary for us to have an amniocentesis to detect for possible disorders. Needless to say, the test came back positive, and an ultrasound confirmed it. My unborn son had a Dandy Walker Cyst, a walnut size hole in his head. “He’ll be nothing but headaches and heartaches, the Doctor says, “We can abort today.”

I had to fight the feeling to strike this man, he wasn’t to blame. Yet, his willingness to pronounce death upon my child provoked me to such a thought. Once alone with my wife, I looked into her eyes and spoke these words. “We serve a mighty God, and he is well able to do great things on our behalf.” Then I prayed.


Heavenly Father, you have said in your word (law), “He that believes on me, the works that I do he shall do also…and whatsoever ye shall ask in my name, that will I do, that the Father can be glorified in the Son.

The next day I went to work determined to fast and pray for my son’s healing. “Bring me unto remembrance all that I have said, and see if I will not do it.” Knowing this as Spiritual law, I returned his word unto my Heavenly Father.


Father, you have said in your law, “If you abide in me and my words abide in you, you can ask what you will, and it shall be done as you say. So, I ask for my son’s health, that this Dandy Walker Cyst be gone in the name of Yahushua (Jesus). In this fashion I prayed throughout the morning.

I cannot say when the Holy Spirit took over, nevertheless, prayer that started out with discernible language soon became a powerful dialect led by the Holy Spirit. And it was in this state, as I walked about the data center( I worked alone) that I felt, what felt like heavy weights dropping off my body. At that instant I knew my son was healed, and I thanked the Father. However, it was still several months before Isaiah, (my son) was to be born, and each doctor’s meeting, my wife was confronted with the question, “Are you sure you want to have this baby?” Doubt was a constant from the medical world, but it is written, “If you can believe all things are possible. I chose to trust Spiritual law, my Father’s word.

One month before Isaiah is due, as is pediatric practice, they performed another ultrasound. Ok, the tech says, lets see how little Isaiah is doing. Then she begins to scan his body. She scans his legs. “Look at those muscled legs, she exclaims.” She scan his arms, his chest, and the rest of his body. “Everything looks good she says.” Then she begins to scan Isaiah’s head moving the wand slowly all about. Her look becomes puzzled. She stops scanning, looks over the Doctor’s documentations, then returns to scanning Isaiah’s head, now more meticulously, as if searching for something. She stops. “I’ll be right back.” She leaves. Moments later she returns with the Head Doctor on shift. He proceeds to make light banter then he begins to scan Isaiah’s head. He stops scanning, studies the chart, then returns to scanning Isaiah’s head. Then comes, “I DON’T SEE IT.” What are they talking about? IT’S NOT HERE! I don’t see it. Hallelujah!

That, which as stated by that one Doctor, “It will not go away,” was gone away, not to be found. Spiritual law does not fail. But this victory was to be short lived, because dark spiritual forces had set themselves against my son, and my FAITH was to be tried yet again.



“This baby is very sick.” His SAT should be at 99 or 100, your son’s read a 61. These were the words of the pediatric nurse who had taken my beautiful son from my arms for a bath and simple tests, minutes after his birth, then to be returned to my wife and I. Instead, the opposite of Heaven broke loose, and I stood dumbfounded, as I looked upon a team of eight Nurses and Doctors standing around my son giving him CPR. “He needs emergency Heart Surgery, the Nurse said, We’re scheduling it now.”

I was not allowed into the room with the Nurses and Doctors surrounding my son, but placed into an adjoining room, there to observe the scene through a picture glass window. There, feeling numb all over, I watched as the team of eight took turns pumping fresh air into my son’s lungs. There, I fell prong to the floor, tears flowing madly, and there, on this cold floor, I once again brought the Father unto remembrance of his word, spiritual law.


“Father, you have said in your word, ask and it shall be given, seek and Ye shall find, knock and the door shall be opened, for everyone that ask receives. Therefore my beloved Father, I claim I am a everyone, and I ask now for good health for my son, that his heart be made strong by the blood of Yahushua (Jesus). For he is a babe unable to speak, so I speak on his behalf for his heart to be made whole. This I prayed along with other verses over and over, then this question came out from me. “What will you have me do? And this was the reply.

Feed my Sheep

As I raced behind the ambulance that was escorting my son to another hospital for emergency surgery, I was trying to wiggle out from this call. I remember replying, “Father, I am not a Pastor, I studied your law to show myself approved, not to lead others. Besides, people took offense when I spoke in Bible studies. Calling me names like, Mr. It is written, and thus say the LORD…still the reply was…

Feed my Sheep

4:00 o’clock in the morning my son had open heart surgery to repair a hole in his heart. At another hospital, 10 miles away I left my wife under Doctor’s care for High Blood Pressure. Her blood pressure had rose to over 200 causing her medical staff great concern. They didn’t tell her about the serious situation with our son, and neither did I. I told her they were taking Isaiah to another hospital for testing and observation, and I was going with him. “Is he alright she asked? “He going to be alright, I replied. “God will provide.”

To be continued:

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