Yahushua’s Meditation: Pt. 3 Metaphysical Secrets within the Lord’s Prayer. The Highest Spiritual Attainment.

Teach us to Pray. Teach us how to be as you are, one with the Father, who the Father acknowledges as his Son. Teach us, who seek after the Father’s face, teach us to govern our consciousness within.

“Thy Kingdom come”


…So, how then do we slay the ego? Because they who have separated themselves from a flesh driven consciousness, know the Kingdom of Heaven to be the realm in which the word of Yahweh rules. Did not the one you call your Savior, demonstrate a Kingdom governed mind when tempted in the wilderness? His response to Satan, was it not? “Man shall not live by bread alone, but by every word of Elohim.”


His mind was not an ego governed mind, nor, can we say any aspect of carnality existed within his consciousness. Did he not even say, “You cannot serve Yahweh and mammon, you will love the one and hate the other, or hate the one, and love the other. Those who are seeking a true relationship with the Father with a demonstration of power, understand, as Yahushua demonstrated, we must also seek to be. Is he not our teacher, your instructor into the ways of righteousness?

Has not scripture said, “Let this MIND be in you that was also in the Messiah Yahushua. Who, being in the form of Yahweh, thought it not robbery to be equal to Yahweh.


Here we understand two actions of mind in opposition to the other. Either you are meditating/praying unto growth in your spiritual relationship with an expression of Yahweh in me. Or, you are seeking unto self. For the self is indeed alive and thriving within, ever lurking, ever seeking to control all aspects of life. Wasn’t the master tempted to fall from his lofty relationship he had with the Father, to fall down and worship Satan?

Do you not see the deception in the question(s)? “If THOU be the Son of God, command that these stones be made bread.” Had he done so, turned the stone into bread, who would have been glorified? The Father, or, the Ego, I? How powerful now are these words, “It is written?”


So as you meditate on Yahushua’s Meditation, you are seeking to develop the mind of the Messiah. You are seeking to suppress the Ego, the I, me, mine, mind, and open up the way for Thy Kingdom Come.


How then do we meditate to slay the Ego dominated consciousness? For you see my brothers and sisters, the world, and the flesh is the birthright of the Ego mind. It was this, (the world and the flesh) which Satan used to tempt Yahushua in the wilderness, it is with this, (the world and the flesh) which he temps you with today. Two minds are in battle, only one can prevail. You cannot serve Yahweh, and mammon.


Consider the biblical story of Jacob and Esau, the twin boys born unto Rebecca and Isaac. On the surface we see twin sons born to a mother who was barren, however, we must remember the bible is written in symbolism, metaphors, and allegory, to receive the true message, and or meaning, we must look beyond the flesh.

Yahweh is spirit, those that seek to worship him must worship him in SPIRIT, and in truth. Call this statement by the Master, the spiritual code revelator.

For those seeking a higher understanding, here is wisdom to the understanding of scripture. All scripture is born of spirit, then demonstrated upon flesh. Therefore, all understanding must be spiritually sought, for truth to be obtained. A literal, flesh based understanding develops a belief accepting of limitations. The impotent man lying at the pool, said to the Master, “Sir, I have no man, when the water is troubled, to place me in the pool. His was a belief governed by the limitations of flesh. He walked by sight.


A spiritual developed understanding, seeing from the mind of the Master, one shall know, All things are possible. Therefore did the Master say unto the impotent man, “Rise, take up thy bed and walk.”

We, seeking this height of spiritual wisdom must, through prayer and meditation, ask the Father to reveal the deeper, hidden meanings within all scripture to be made known.

From a metaphysical (knowledge beyond the flesh) point of view, Jacob and Esau represents the mental battle within. The war between the flesh and the spiritual mind. One has the birthright to this world, but the other must govern to save. Esau symbolizes the flesh, the carnal mind, he who has the birthright. It was said of Esau, he was a cunning hunter, a man of the field. With this description your Heavenly Father depicts a flesh govern consciousness. The description of Esau being a cunning hunter, tell us he was self absorb. The carnal mind is enmity against Yahweh: for it is not subject to the laws of Elohim, neither CAN BE.


Jacob symbolizes the spiritual, governed mind. It was said of Jacob, he was a plain man, dwelling in tents. This description, plain man, tells us Jacob did not take himself to serious. You could say he was poor in spirit. Dwelling in tents symbolizes searching for truth. In Jacob’s time the wise men gather in tents to share wisdom of the invisible God. Jacob was a seeker of spiritual truths, or seeking the means to Elohim. His was a spiritual quest. Therefore, did Yahweh say, “Jacob have I loved, but Esau have I hated.”


And the children struggled within her; her being Rebecca. Within her womb a symbolic struggle ensued, as it does today within mind. A battle for dominance between the flesh governed mind, versus the spiritual mind. It is through prayer and meditation that you take hold of that carnal mind, and supplant, take over, overthrow, or dethrone it. Whatever verb you desire to choose, to dictate the above actions of thought, do so, because only Jacob, the spiritual governed mind, is loved.


Yahweh is Spirit, those that worship him MUST, worship him in SPIRIT and in truth. These are the words of the Master, Yahushua, he who had a relationship with the Father like no other man. As you meditate on thy kingdom come, you are seeking worship with the Father in truth. Have you not read, God’s word is truth?

Jacob, in his dream saw angels descending and ascending from heaven. Can you not see this represents your Heavenly Father being in communications with those who have died to self, and have been quickened and made alive in the only begotten Son?

As you meditate on Yahushua’s meditations, (The Lord’s Prayer) see the spiritual man within take hold of that Ego mind, and supplant him, for only one speaks with the Father of all.


Meditate on these things; give thyself wholly to them; that thy profiting may appear to all.

To be continued:

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